Authentic Pilates Classes Taught in Bellevue, WA.

Nancy Wallace Pilates of Bellevue, Washington opened its doors in June 2008. We were the first fully loaded Gratz Pilates Studio specializing in the Authentic Method of Pilates. All our Pilates instructors come with the highest qualifications to industry standard; training with second and third generation Pilates teacher trainers who continue to share the original teachings of Joseph Pilates.

Combining the techniques that Joseph Pilates created, using the equipment he engineered, to bring balance and a better quality of life to all body types, physical conditions, and ages.

At Nancy Wallace Pilates of Bellevue we are an environment that values loyalty and caring. We are often told by clients they wish they had taken Pilates classes with us sooner.   We have been instrumental in developing a community of Pilates Enthusiast in the Bellevue area and we are grateful to continue growing the relationship with you!

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I love this studio! It is really friendly, laid back, yet the instructors are fun and informative. I really feel comfortable here, and love the classes as well as private instructions. I’ve been here over two months now and plan on staying for a while!
Brenda A (Business Woman)Bellevue, WA