Get Centered. Get Moving. 

Nancy Wallace Pilates of Bellevue, Washington opened in June of 2008, we were the first fully loaded Gratz Pilates Studio in Bellevue, Washington. Community and delivering quality instruction in an environment that cares keeps clients coming back year after year.  All our instructors trained with second and third generation teacher trainers and come with highest qualifications to industry standard.  We combined the techniques that Joseph Pilates created, using the equipment he engineered, to bring balance and a better quality of life to all body types, physical conditions, and ages.

What you can expect at Nancy Wallace Pilates:

  • Quality instruction in a nurturing, supportive and caring environment
  • A Pilates routine to meet your goals, fitness level, and complement your body type at any age or level
  • Core strength from the deepest layers of the abdominal structure along with flexibility
  • Long and Lean muscles that are strong and resistant to injuries

Nancy Wallace Pilates shows loyalty and care to one another and all other Pilates enthusiasts.  Clients often tell us that they wish they had started Pilates with us sooner, because they learn that Pilates refines their body, and develops strength and flexibility that helps them move comfortably as they age.

Contact us today to get started: 425-646-8400

When I turned 58 I signed up for Pilates. I am an active biker, golfer, rower and sailor. Pilates has turned out to be a great cross training for all the sports I participate in. I have worked with Nancy three times a week for two years. I turned 60 in May. Pilates is transformative and completely addictive. I am stronger and more flexible!
Don Murray (President/Chairman of Serengeti)Bellevue, WA
Pilates, especially the way it is practiced at Nancy Wallace Pilates, is the perfect discipline for any athlete who wants to take their strength, conditioning, and flexibility to the next level.
Jim Mora (Seahawks Coach)Bellevue, WA
As a former competitive athlete, I’m always looking for a challenging workout that isn’t going to bore me. I work out with Misty, but I’ve worked with at least 5 different instructors in the 2 years I have been going there; all top notch and you’ll get the workout of your life.
Jaimi T (Young Professional)Bellevue, WA
I decided to give Pilates a try after a number of people suggested it as a way to manage the back issues (herniated L5/S1) I’ve dealt with over the past 5 years. Since doing Pilates I feel the difference with better posture, increased strength, feel more flexible, and have developed a true understanding of the mind-body connection working out without re-injuring my back.
Victor R (Dell Computers)Mercer Island, WA
The studio is comfortable, the equipment top-notch, and the instructors knowledgeable, focused, and interested in getting you where you want to be. These girls have really challenged me to “kick it up a notch” and the results in just a few weeks are outstanding.
Junia CurranBellevue, WA
I love the camaraderie of the group classes. The hour flies by and I leave feeling so great!! Try it….you’ll be hooked!
Ginny Morris (Owner of Running Elements)Bellevue, WA
They assured me that they could work around my issues and in 6 months the problems ceased I was skiing and playing golf better than ever.
Vonne S (Retired Ice Skater)Bellevue, WA
At 48, I’m in the best shape of my life – more muscle, 20 pounds lighter, faster, leaner, more flexible, better posture, more energy and no back pain. Feelin’ great.
Neil Fiske (C.E.O of Eddie Bauer)Bellevue, WA
I’m constantly being adjusted or reminded to shift or squeeze or scoop, and each tiny adjustment helps me feel the exercise that much more. I recommend that my husband try the studio because he suffers from back pain (bad posture coupled with sitting at a desk all day) and he has been relieved from most of his pain.
Gina Fleck (Young Professional)Bellevue, WA
So far it has been absolutely awesome.
Andrea Batra (Med Student)