About Us

Original Authentic Pilates

The authentic method of Pilates trains the mind and body connection to work together for the ultimate workout. Our certified Pilates instructors are trained by second and third generation Pilates ‘elders’ who teach the strict doctrine of Joseph Pilates’ Original Method.

At Nancy Wallace Pilates of Bellevue, we believe in an environment that values loyalty and caring. We are often told by clients they wish they had taken Pilates classes with us sooner. We have been instrumental in developing a community of Pilates enthusiasts in the Bellevue area and are grateful to continue growing that relationship with you!

There are no prerequisites when joining our studio, Pilates does not discriminate against injury, body type, age, gender, or any level of physical fitness. Each exercise is completed in a particular sequence, with a minimum number of repetitions and a high degree of precision and mental focus. In Pilates, all movements are initiated from the core, and the result is a toned body without the bulk developed by conventional exercise methods.