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The Pandemic and Evolving NWP Business Platform

Typically, and exclusively teaching the authentic method of Pilates our studio has evolved during this pandemic.  Nancy Wallace Pilates has grown its team of knowledgeable and world-renowned instructors.  We now offer online workouts as well as in-studio workouts to meet the growing and dynamic needs of our clients. 

As we grow our business’s online workouts and restart our brick and mortar Pilates Studio in Bellevue, we welcome clients. Nancy Wallace Pilates of Bellevue remains dedicated to high end instruction.  Whether online or taking classes in the studio we guarantee results for a healthier and more physically fit lifestyle.

Join us in live 45-minute Authentic Pilates Mat, Barre, Foam Rolling, Teacher Training Courses and Fitness Classes that will send the body into a deep workout. Our goal is, clients continue to reflect on the key principles of Joseph Pilates amazing exercise discipline while welcoming other theories and exercise principles from the fitness industry.

Our dynamic classes taught by our expert instructors will sometimes include props (think magic circles, bands, weights, chairs, form rollers) for a high intensity experience or a focused and subtle workout that will reset; but all classes will channel the mind and body connection.

Email the front desk today and start the journey to a healthier at home lifestyle 🙂