Nancy W. 


Nancy completed her apprenticeship and was certified with Dorothee VandeWalle at Metropolitan Pilates in Seattle, WA. Soon after completing her certification she decided to open her own studio in Bellevue, WA in June of 2008. Nancy lives her life wholeheartedly believing in the power of Pilates. Through her own studio, she is able to pass along her joy and dedication of Pilates or ‘Contrology’ as named by Joseph Pilates when he pioneered the Authentic Method, to her clients. Nancy compares the Pilates Method to the likeness of a scientific formula that, when applied correctly, completely transforms the body. Time and time again Nancy and her team prove this theory by their own physical achievements and those of their clients! Nancy believes that Pilates was created for every BODY, and that everyone can do Pilates no matter your age, limitations or fitness history.

As fitness trends and fads come into play and fade, Pilates has remained a constant. Nancy swears by Pilates, she takes lessons 2-4 times a week from the instructors at the studio, this helps keep the mind and body sharp and working with your peers is some of the most beneficial motivation. Nancy’s studio was the first Authentic Pilates studio in Bellevue using all Gratz equipment and employing instructors certified by second and third generation Pilates Teacher Trainers. Nancy is truly a visionary and has a heart for helping others reach their goals and find happiness through physical fitness!


Client Relations Manager / Working Remotely from Denver

Robin is the voice of all communication at Nancy Wallace Pilates and works remotely from Denver. She is the manager of client relationships and daily operations and will do everything in her power to make your experience at the Pilates studio a great one!

Robin will be your go-to for anything you need regarding your Pilates schedule or instructors, she is always happy to help!

Jed W.


A combination of movement-training, arts, and meditation define Jed’s approach to exercise and his everyday living.

After suffering a torn major pec tendon that required surgery, he immediately sought a way to restore his physical health and vitality. Pilates was recommended to safely and effectively build back strength, muscle and balance. Jed realized the impressive potential of the exercise and decided to pursue a certification.

With eight years of training and two years teaching martial arts, Jed is an accomplished athlete and personal trainer. He received his black belt in Taekwondo and trained in Merpati Putih: level Balik III. Jed enjoys the quintessential pursuits of a Pacific North-Westerner; hiking, Rewilding and tending to his urban farm at home.

Tiger Z.

Instructor (Zoom)

Tiger Zane first encountered Pilates after running the Paris marathon in 2006. Six months of intense training and the marathon itself had left her with an injured hip. On the recommendation of a friend, she began taking weekly Pilates lessons at Metropolitan Pilates in Seattle. She immediately saw her body transform and loved the results… better posture, no more low back pain, rebuilding her hip strength and a growing sense of self confidence!

After 9 years of study as a client, Tiger enrolled in the year-long apprenticeship and certification program with Dorothee Vandewalle in Seattle. She is dedicated and inspired by the profound physical and mental benefits of Pilates. Tiger is also a Life and Voice coach leading women’s retreats; she believes that Pilates is an integral part of health and aging beautifully.

Tiger teaches Zoom privates and Zoom classes.

Erika M.


Erika is very excited to join the NWP team! Over the last year, Erika has been actively engaged in the apprenticeship program at Metropolitian Pilates with Dorothee Vandewalle and completed over 900 hours of practicing and training. Prior to the apprenticeship, she was an active client here at Nancy Wallace Pilates taking privates and group classes 3-4x a week! Pilates has been life changing for Erika and she truly believes in the benefits it brings to each individual through the thoughtful work and commitment they put into it. 

She originally fell in love with Pilates in 2008 after an snowboarding injury and partially torn her ACL. Her physical therapist recommended classic authentic pilates as a way to avoid surgery and strengthen the muscles around the torn knee. After 6 weeks, Erika was able to move her knee normally and was back on the mountain the following season! Pilates not only helped Erika recover from her injury, but it also also helped her develop her core strength and continue to snowboard each season better than before. Erika believes that pilates is suitable for all ages, sizes and genders. It’s never too late to get started – change is always possible.

Valerie C.


Valerie completed her Pilates Certification through the Teacher Training Academy at Vitality Pilates in Seattle in 2017.  Val started Pilates after a serious ankle/foot injury and surgery.  In just a few sessions, she noticed increased range of motion and a decrease in pain in the ankle and foot.  Additionally, a regular Pilates practice eliminated back pain she once felt after play tennis.  This was enough to encourage her to take her Pilates to the next level.  Working in Sales and Marketing initially and later teaching Middle School Math for years, Valerie wanted to certify in order to substitute as a Pilates Instructor to get a deal on Pilates for herself.  On a whim, she decided to reorient her focus on Pilates and substitute as a classroom teacher and hasn’t looked back.  Her hope is that you walk away from your Pilates session feeling lengthened and strengthened and that you had fun along the way! (FMT).

Jenna I. 


Jenna first discovered Pilates in 2013 while living in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Having a life history of athletics including marathons, triathlons, and cycling she found Pilates to be the perfect complement to strengthen and realign her body. In 2020 she decided to pursue Pilates full time and left her career as a PR/marketing executive to study at Metropolitan Pilates in Seattle, WA under the world renowned Dorothee VandeWalle. Jenna has an MBA from the University of Florida and enjoys adventuring around the world when not in the studio.

Elise J.


Elise moved to Seattle, WA in February of 2020 to pursue her love of Pilates. She first started practicing a year and a half earlier on the island of Martha’s Vineyard and fell deeply in love with this form of movement. The attention to detail, the challenge of working both mental and physical muscles together with ease and grace, and the relationships she developed with herself and her teachers, were all benefits to the practice and began pouring into other aspects of her life. While Elise cherished island living, the call for a change of scenery and the opportunity to study under one of the best authentic Pilates teachers in the world made the decision to relocate across the country an easy one.