Joes Tower Mat Pilates

Joe’s Tower Pilates classes taught at Nancy Wallace Pilates of Bellevue are our only all level mat or tower Classes. They are a great option if you are more interested in taking group classes, but are not ready to advance in the group reformer series. The tower classes truly embody the Pilates method and are a great addition to your regular cardio!

The classes consist of small groups of clients from 3-4. In these classes you will be building strength and flexibility while incorporating the Springs from the Gratz Tower Units. Prepare to work hard for 50 minutes while learning the Pilates mat sequence and introducing leg springs, arms springs, and push through bar of the Tower unit. We’ve created these tower classes with all the pieces for extra development of the Pilates Mat principles and your muscles. Schedule With Us Today!

In These Pilates Mat Classes You Will Learn:

  • Advanced Mat Series
  • Advanced Spring development
  • The importance of flow, transitional movement, and the appropriate technique for all the levels of Mat
  • Advancing the “Scoop;” continuing the development of this phenomenon
  • Continuing to develop the “Power-House” and redefining the muscles of our bodies consisting of the back, stomach, bottom, and hamstrings learning to use all of these deeper layers of the abdomen and larger muscle groups
  • How Pilates has translated in your body from Basic, Intermediate, to Advanced
  • Develop a system of proper modifications for injuries
  • Breath and technique
  • Flexibility and proper stretching form

Exclusively Offered At Nancy Wallace Pilates on Tuesdays @ 4pm with Nancy and Thursdays @ 5pm with Valerie.

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