Joseph Pilates

Joseph Pilates claimed his method to be a philosophical and theoretical foundation, with the intention focusing on not just being a collection of exercises, rather encouraging the use of the mind to control the body. The Pilates equipment and exercises play off each other for a supreme workout of the mind and body. His study and refinement of Pilates took place over the span of 80 years, working with his own body and limitations.

Joe Pilates Said He Was 50 Years Ahead of His Time.
We Think He Was Right….


The Equipment: It’s Not Pilates If It’s Not Gratz Equipment

Introduces the constant resistance of springs against the muscles when working out, which is what gives the lengthening appearance (the actual muscular fibers become longer). The fibers are worked individually, becoming stronger and more pliable. The equipment also focuses on the “Powerhouse” — the deep abdominal structure that includes the back, bottom, and hamstrings – which is achieved by “scooping” — pulling the stomach in and up! The introduction of the principles was to provide a clear line of communication with instruction and explanations of the importance of focusing on breath, precision, concentration, coordination, intention, and intuition.