Pilates for Men

The Return of Man to Pilates

Men Enhance Performance, Slow Down Signs of An Aging Body, And Prevent Injury With Pilates!

Joseph Pilates from a young age mastered the techniques of qigong, gymnastics, diving, and body-building. Before he was drafted into World War I he was a professional boxer, a trained circus performer and worked with authorities teaching wrestling and self-defense techniques. Soon after he begun to refine exercise for the body and developed a technique that would later be called “Contrology.” He continued to refine his work over 80 years working with athletes, performing artists and more.

Pilates for Men is the control of the mind over all individual muscles. The attention to core strength and spinal mobility while the body remains balanced for the ease of movement. Your true age is determined by the flexibility and strength of your Spine. The healthier the Spine, the better you feel. Pilates for Men focuses on stretching the Hips, Hip-Flexors, Hamstrings, and Quads. We don’t want our athletes, young studs, dads, and weekend fitness warriors feeling heavy or sluggish.

When we teach our Pilates for Men we use top of the line Gratz Equipment, designed and engineered by Joseph Pilates. Using the springs on equipment will cross-train, strengthen and stretch the muscles from joint to joint. Pilates for Men will teach technique while strengthening the muscle fibers – never tearing them – creating a lengthened, pliable, injury resistant body. We are very proud of our dedicated male clients and we encourage you, or the men in your life, to come to one of our Pilates classes!

Pilates For Men Is Good For:

  • The desk Jockey
  • The Dad
  • The Young
  • The Cross-Trainer
  • The Injured or Rehabbing body
  • The Retired Old Guy
  • The guy who hasn’t worked out since college
  • The guy who can’t see his Toe’s
  • The Marathoner, Iron Manner, Cyclist, Tri-Athlete, etc.
  • The Professional Athlete
  • The Willing and Able