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Pilates Training for Skiing

Winter is Here and so is Pilates Training for Skiing!

Is your body ready to take-on the mountain?  Let Pilates give your Abs and Glutes the competitive edge they need to kick butt this winter!

Snow sports can be tough on the body that is why maintaining a strong Powerhouse is important for peak performance, and curbing injuries.  Contrology, or the Authentic method of Pilates, taught at Nancy Wallace Pilates of Bellevue is the perfect cross-training for skiing, or any mountain sport.

The equipment found in Pilates was designed to specifically exercise the muscles of the Powerhouse; the back, stomach, bottom, and hamstrings. This becomes beneficial to any sport enthusiast looking maximize core strength and become less prone to injury.  Maintaining peak physical health is mandatory if your going crush skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, or cross country skiing.

Let our Instructors customize the perfect Pilates program for your winter sports needs! 

The Gratz Reformer is the perfect place to start!  The four spring system, starting with footwork, exercises every part of the body. At every lesson you feel the work deep in the core muscles of the stomach down to the feet, ankles, and muscles surrounding the knees and hips as well as the bigger muscles of the glutes and hamstrings.  The Reformer also reinforces flexibility of the hips, chest, shoulders and legs. As clients advance they are quickly introduced to the balancing sequences, and rebounding of the jump board. This makes the reformer an all encompassing and kick butt workout for all mountain sports.

Training for winter sports should be about nurturing the body off the mountain.  The elements of the outdoors are unpredictable and we believe the body needs to be ready to respond! This is where the Pilates principles can help!  In every lesson we incorporate balance, coordination, precision, flexibility, breath, agility, focus and  strength for a superior workout.  The Pilates principles encourage the mind and body connection and is the best offence to injury and aging.

Training in private lesson, or group instruction will benefit any mountain enthusiast, at any age.  Let us help YOU stay healthy and fit this winter for your best season yet! Click HERE to find out how to start.