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Baseball and Pilates

It’s what you do before the season that creates the champion.  Baseball and Pilates is a winning combination.

Baseball and Pilates

Chicago Cubs Pitcher, Jake Arrieta, is obsessed with Pilates and credits Pilates for the reemergence of his game. Pilates completely turned his career around giving him control over his body through improved balance and physical toughness. Jake swears by the exercise system so much that he turned his garage into a Pilates studio.  Jake believes it’s only a matter of time before every clubhouse in baseball has a reformer, and Nancy Wallace Pilates thinks that would be GREAT!

Not only does Jake Arrieta of the Chicago cubs see the benefits of Pilates; the Boston Red Sox love Pilates so much they bought a Reformer for their players to use and even ship it to Florida when the team starts spring training.

The benefits of doing Pilates are endless; Chris Sales does Pilates for its rejuvenating properties. Mitch Moreland keeps up a regular routine to maintain flexibility.  David Price loves what Pilates has done for his Pitching game. They all agree, a good Pilates Instructor and the right equipment is the secret to a kick butt Pilates workout.

Pilates is great for rejuvenating the body, maintaining flexibility, and increasing performance but Hunter Pence, one of the most valuable players for the San Francisco Giants also used Pilates to overcome a series of injuries in 2015 that forced him to end his season early. A regular Pilates routine helped him overcome the pain, recover faster and get in shape for the following season.

Both #BaseballandPilates have been around for a long time.  Joseph Pilates knew what he was doing when it came to life style exercise.  It seems to be catching on in a big way for these Major League Players and Teams but anyone looking to improve physical performance and overall health can use Pilates to achieve their goals.

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