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Your Body Transformation

We all need a little inspiration in the New Year.  In this post we want to shine a light on our favorite body transformation, Carrie Underwood.

From Carrie Underwood’s first appearance on American Idol it was clear her voice was star quality. Over the years we have watched her blossom not only with her singing career but her amazing body.  The evolution of Carrie’s health and fitness routine is proof that dedication and hard work pays because Carrie is a total 10!

The key to Carrie’s body transformation is one of dedication.  Making fitness and healthy eating a priority, and this is not easy. Even though Carrie is now a big star she too was ‘one of us.’ We think this makes her definitely more relatable, and because of her likeability her journey has been fun to watch.

So, what about your body transformation?

To see change in the body it is not necessarily about the type of workout you are doing but finding a workout routine that you love and then doing it regularly. Healthy eating habits also play a major roll, along with watching the empty calories from drinking.

Obviously we are believers of Pilates and think everyone should be doing it! But, at the studio we are even bigger advocates of people simply being active with exercise that make them happy.

Pilates will change any body type but it requires a commitment and dedication.  The clients whose bodies have changed the most have been exercising with us for years.  They have a long-game mentality and rarely miss and are committed to their two- three weekly appointments as privates and group instruction.

We love watching the progression of clients Pilates bodies, and it doesn’t matter the age, what kind of shape you are in, injuries, or goals anyone can work towards a more fit version of themselves or a total body transformation.

So what type of exercise makes you love your body? We hope Carrie has provided some New Year #fitinspiration

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