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Brain Health and Pilates

Pilates could be your ticket to a younger mind through exercise, Brain Health and Pilates!

Pilates promotes brain health and functional independence. In fact, Pilates can slow the aging process by preventing inflammation, spikes in insulin levels, and reduce chances of age related disease.

How is this Possible?

First, we love that Pilates is known for creating a designer body, but, the Classical Method is more than exercise; it requires clients to demonstrate concentration, precision and control to accurately execute specific exercises. This encourages a strong mind and body connection instead of allowing clients to move haphazardly through workouts. Which equals big results that we are proud of!

Second, our instructors take clients out of their comfort zone using the springs resistance for improved strength, and flexibility. We also keep clients moving through the exercises connecting them like a dance increasing cardiovascular output. The oxygen carried to the brain during workouts promotes healthy hormone development and nourishes an environment for the growth of brain cells.

Third, Pilates can improve memory by thinking through direct and indirect exercises. This benefits clients during the lesson and outside of the studio. We think the ability to manage injuries is essential for living a long, comfortable, and full life.

Other benefits of Pilates are a better attention span, the ability to manage the mind and body connection through selective muscle recruitment, and better balance for a maturing body!

Tell us More about Brain Health and Pilates!

Many of the exercises were designed to return the body to movement in the most basic fashion; through developmental stages. Pilates is a great way of experiencing flexion, extension and lateral movements to reconnect to a healthy spine, nervous system, and encourage brain health. All of this maintains a younger looking body and a savvy presence of mind!  That is why we say YES to Pilates for any age, physical fitness level, those suffering from injury, and different body types!

Don’t take our word for it. Proof is our Clients! 

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