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Celebrities Love Pilates

It is no secret that Celebrities love Pilates.

Pilates Style Magazine featured Sarah Michelle Geller on the June cover.  Years after Buffy the Vampire, Geller, is slaying her Reformer and Mat workouts! Pilates maintains endurance, and strength while keeping her body looking feminine; that’s important for this working Mom.  Sarah stays in fighting shape mixing her weekly Pilates workouts with Cardio and Yoga.

Who Else is Doing Pilates These Days?

Emma Roberts loves the Cadillac and using the trapeze to maximize her upper body workouts.  She prefers the classical method of Pilates which is what we specialize at #PilatesBellevue.  The choreography and contemporary techniques improve posture, flexibility, and overall strength in addition to toning the abs, arms, and butt.

Jemima Kirke uses the Jump Board to mix cardio intervals into her Pilates workouts.  Physically she pushes herself using the spring bound resistance of the Gratz Equipment for the ultimate toned look. Pilates has provided a more body positive atmosphere for Jemima.

Other Celebs to hit the news this June were Jessica Lowndes who claims Pilates is the result of her always runway ready body. And, lets not forget about the gentlemen, Jonah Hill, has been seen walking-about LA flaunting a new body! He complements his leaned-out look to a regular Pilates routine.

Why do Celebrities Love Pilates?

Pilates dramatically transforms the way your body looks, feels and performs. It builds strength without bulk for more toned and lengthy muscles of the thighs, waist, arms, back, and everyone wants the flat Pilates tummy and booty.

The focus on proper breathing, correct spinal and pelvic alignment, and concentration of smooth flowing movement help create better awareness of the body. The exercise system keeps the body young and maintains mobility, so why wouldn’t these celebrities be doing Pilates?

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