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FALL into Pilates

Looking for a stronger body without the bulk? Is an injury holding you back from exercising? FALL into Pilates and find out how we can help!

No matter the fitness level, goal, or injury Pilates is an equal opportunity exercise system. When clients make the switch we hear a lot about how lifting weights or exercising to exhaustion has created unwanted bulk, chronic fatigue, or injury.  The relationship with the Authentic Method is an evolution of physical self awareness that changes how the body feels and responds to exercise.

How the feel good workout changes the body.

Pilates is challenging, but in a different kind of way. After working-out on the Gratz Equipment, used in the Authentic Method, the body feels nourished and alive.  Not drained, or exhausted, but like the muscles and mind have been exercised.  The exercises and their principles adapt to the maturing body which creates room for a long term and increasingly more healthy relationship with fitness. Pilates is the perfect combination of control and freedom creating balance, presence, strength, and flexibility; encouraging the kind of physical change so many clients are seeking out of being fit!

March Madness

FALL into Pilates and find out how to master your body!

Did you know there are over 600 different muscles in the body, and most exercise regiments only focus on the larger muscle groups! Pilates connects us to all 600 of these muscles through full capitalization of movement and range of motion. All workouts encompass muscles big and small, movements front to back and side to side.

The Authentic Method also shapes muscles differently then other workouts due to the mind and body connection, activation of the nervous system, use of the spring resistance, exceptional training, and the meticulous introduction to exercises and their series. The Pilates Body is not just a look, it is a way of life!

Don’t believe us?  Come in for your first Private, check out or FALL Specials, and feel the difference! Click HERE to fall into Pilates and more information.

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