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Change is constant and we live by this mantra, “your changing body.”  Pilates and fitness are not one in the same. The body always needs something different at each appointment.  This is what makes Pilates so unique to the fitness industry. Find out how we tailor the perfect Pilates program to meet the changing demands of the physical self. 

The strict doctrine developed by Joseph Pilates is managing the expectation of the body and it’s response to fitness or Pilates at each appointment.  Before a client can correctly execute any particular exercise their body and mind must demonstrate it is tuned into one another.  Therefore, no matter the age or physical condition all bodies are able to do Pilates.

Clients often start Pilates because they want to feel more fit.  What they don’t know is how the relationship with the body and fitness changes. Often clients find they can perform better with sports (running, playing tennis, etc), or continue doing hobbies (gardening). At Nancy Wallace Pilates of Bellevue all clients achieve an advanced practice of Pilates.  The instructors work closely with client programs to ensure each appointment is tailored to maximize results and encourage confidence.

We meant it when we said, “your changing body.”

One injury or life change, like pregnancy, can stop a body in its tracks. Our instructors simply adapt the authentic method of Pilates to meet the new physical demands. The all or nothing mentality does not apply with Pilates. It is important to maintain the connection while preserving strength and flexibility of the Powerhouse during a life change or injury. This is why the studio always encourages clients to continue with their program no matter the circumstances.

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