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Fitness and Pilates

Fitness and Pilates. Clients are coming to Pilates more than ever with injuries.

Fitness and Pilates

Quick results can come at the expense of proper form and conditioning. In order to maximize workouts for the best results, and a healthy relationship, it is important to introduce new routines with caution.

Clients are coming to us more than ever with hip, shoulder, elbow, and low back injuries. Contrary to what people think starting an exercise program too fast or too hard can lead to unnecessary aches and pains.

A strong Mind and Body Connection is necessary for any fitness routine, but is often overlooked. New exercises should be done slowly and inventively until the body is able to fire specific muscle for a desired result.  The more specifically we use core muscles the stronger the mind and body connection will be; bringing long term physical satisfaction.

Unfortunately, the fitness industry is consumed with exercise trends claiming to be the answer to all weight problems. When we train improperly moving too quickly and powering through exercises we run the risk of injury or an undesired physical look.

In recent years there have been many different styles of Pilates introduced to the fitness world.  Non are like the original, Contrology, known as Classical Pilates after the death of Joseph Pilates.  Pilates is often recommended by physical therapist and Doctors as corrective exercise but is great for people looking to get into shape or athletes.

Being fit is an evolution.  When clients start Pilates at our studio we introduce exercises that will complement their current level of fitness. As the body strengthens the exercises naturally become more dynamic. The goal is for all clients to reach an advanced practice of Pilates using the Gratz equipment.  The focus on form and conditioning increases physical strength and flexibility; allowing clients to continue being active in their daily lives or competitively.


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