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Authentically Trained Pilates Instructor Wanted.

We are a team of Authentic Pilates professionals showing individuals the benefits that Pilates has on lives.  The studio is a beautiful 2500 square foot space with high ceilings, lots of natural light, views of downtown Bellevue, and is fully loaded with Gratz Equipment. We offer a front desk concierge to handle customer relationships, sales, instructors schedules and more.

What We are Looking for in an Instructor:

  • Authentically trained
  • Demonstrates the work through regular workouts
  • Understands body mechanics and how to modify exercises for injuries, and has the ability to give clients a great workout to maximize results and achieve goals
  • A positive and out going attitude.  Someone who wants to be a team player and become apart of our family
  • The ability to share clients and provide an experience that is safe, positive, and matches the experience of their colleagues.
  • The ability to work independently and conduct themselves professionally
  • The desire to build a schedule that is full

What Makes Us Different:

Instructors working at NWP are required to do one continuing education per year.  The studio will pay for one seminar or workshop after one year of employment has been completed.

We encourage and pay for one weekly private instruction with a fellow teacher at the studio. Instructors are always encouraged to join group classes (if the clients are okay with it- they love it!)

It is apart of the instructors job to be doing Pilates regularly.  We believe this keeps instructors fresh, creative with their client programs, and keeps the work in their body.   We also believe taking regular classes from fellow teachers is a great way to build confidence and studio moral.

Clients are typically taking from more than one instructor at the studio. We pay for one monthly admin hour to go over client programs and update client profiles.

We offer competitive pay, and bonuses to instructors that have worked for us for over a year.

Quarterly staff meetings giving instructors the opportunity to learn current events, exchange notes, and check-in. The studio is well managed and a great environment.

A little Extra:

Most of our clients have been with us since conception in June of 2008.  We have worked tirelessly to create a strong community of Pilates enthusiast in West Bellevue. Most of the instructors working at NWP have been at the studio for years.  Presently, we are a team of 9 and growing.  We are looking for someone who wants to work hard, is positive, loves what they do,  and can become apart of our family.

We are looking for full and part time.  The studio is open Monday – Thursday 6am – 8pm; Fridays 6am -3pm; and Saturdays 7am- 1pm.

Thank you,


Send Resume: info@nancywallacepilates.com


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