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Intermediate Reformer

Pilates is not like other exercises being taught in the fitness industry.

The philosophy of our studio is to take clients, at all fitness levels, to a higher practice of Pilates. That is why, every month, we rotate different principles as the ‘theme of the month’ method of Pilates is meant to create balance of strength and flexibility in the body.

I often tell new clients arriving at the studio, Pilates  can feel like learning a new language, but practice  makes perfect and with dedication your body will soon speak fluent Pilates.

The most commonly taught exercises in Pilates are those of the Intermediate Mat and Reformer series.  During the month of December we took our skills to the Mat, working on the Intermediate Mat sequence.

Since Pilates is taught to the individual and not the total sum of the group, this gives clients tools to modify specifically for their needs while memorizing the order and applying the different rules. 

Breaking down the different variables of this life style exercise educates the clients and strengthens their know-how to really make the exercises work for their body.

This month we are taking our focus to the Reformer to really hone skills on the Gratz Equipment. One fascinating tip about Pilates is, the work done on the mat conditions the body for the reformer; the reformer conditions the body to advance on the mat; and that all the exercises are connected. 

The exercises included in these two series will condition a strong body and become the backbone to advancing your practice and the exercises performed at the studio.  This is why we want to encourage clients to know the names of the exercises, their order, and the spring load when working on the reformer.

Knowing the order of the intermediate Mat and Reformer whether it is a goal or not is a great tool that give’s independence in your workouts, will advance you faster, and get you ready for semi private and group instruction.

Intermediate Reformer Exercises to learn:

  • Footwork
  • Hundred
  • Shortspine
  • Coordination
  • Long Box
  • Short Box
  • Long Stretch Series
  • Stomach Massage
  • Semi Circle
  • Kneeling Knees
  • Running
  • Pelvic Lift
  • Side Splits
  • Pelvic
  • Side Spits
  • Front Spits

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