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Is the Computer Wrecking Your Spine?

Is the computer wrecking your spine?

The love relationship we have with technology is our bodies nemeses! Does this sound familiar, the day starts with good intentions sitting upright with shoulders back and the crown of the head stacked over the sit-bones.  Gradually, and as the hours progress the back begins to round bringing the eyes closer to the screen, the chin juts forward, and the shoulders eventually lift toward the ears. 

Hold this position long enough and the body memorizes this unhealthy collapsed and misaligned position as its new way of being. Bad posture affects everything from proper breathing, to the crushing of internal organs, crippling energy levels, and increased aches and pains. 

What can be done?

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There are always little things that can be done to combat bad desk posture, like, elevating the computer screen to eye level. If you are on your phone try to not look down at the screen. Instead, keep the head and shoulders back and raise the phone to eye level.  Doing corrective exercise like the authentic method of Pilates regularly and getting massages will also help counter the negative affects of being a desk jokey!

Of course these tips are always easier said then done and that is why physical therapist, doctors, and more recommend the Authentic Method of Pilates!

One of the major benefits of Pilates is how corrective it is for the body, bringing balance back to the muscles. The Authentic Method of Pilates was designed to be an all encompassing workout that develops balance, flexibility, strength, and most importantly aid in spinal health!  The springs on the equipment were designed to strengthen the muscles from joint to joint and the reformer exercises the powerhouse muscles of the back, stomach, bottom, and hamstrings encouraging proper posture.

Joseph Pilates claimed you are only as young as the spine is flexible.  We agree!  Since the 1960’s the average American has been on a physical decline and today with less activity and more time spent at the desk we are weaker.  This weakness has wrecked havoc on physical health.

Want to achieve a great workout routine while nurturing your physical health and becoming the fittest version of yourself? Try the authentic method of Pilates and see how!

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