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Meet Your Cores Super Hero

Meet your cores super hero, Pilates and Mindfulness!

Clients start Pilates because they are often seeking better posture, to relieve an existing injury, or increase core strength and flexibility.  What they don’t anticipate is becoming the fittest and most tuned-in version of themselves.

Originally named “Contrology,” Joseph, taught clients how to use the mind to recruit specific muscles for a desired result. Later, the Pilates principles coupled with the Gratz Equipment would allow clients to tailor each exercise for a superior workout.

This might surprise you but a great core and a good workout routine is all about mindfulness!

To see the best results with Pilates, clients, must learn to tune the mind into the body.  As they move through the different exercise sequences we teach them how to receive feedback that gives them the ability to adapt all the different exercises to their body. Since Pilates is a customization of individual needs, and fitness levels it has the ability to reach a wider population. Using the Pilates principles and the original equipment coupled with mindfulness clients continuously advance their skills of coordination, precision, balance, breath, flexibility, strength, and fluidity for maximizing every workout.

This requirement of fully engaging the body can also become a form of meditation in movement. The activation of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system leaves clients feeling refreshed, exercised, and energized after each workout, instead of drained and fatigued. This makes Pilates quite addictive, and clients often say they wish they started Pilates years prior to their first workout.

We love that the secret weapon to your bodies core is Pilates!  If you are looking to enhance physical performance of core strength, and to achieve those long and lean muscles that is so desired of the Pilates body we recommend a daily or weekly Pilates routine!

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