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Meghan Markle does Pilates

We are thrilled to report that Meghan Markle does Pilates, this is making her our fitness inspiration for 2018!

Remember the secret to Pippa’s famous bum?  Pippa’s derriere made round the world all thanks to Pilates.  So, we are thrilled Meghan Markle is also a Pilates enthusiast.

Living a healthy lifestyle keep’s this ex-suits star balanced and calm. Once an avid runner, Meghan claims getting older and hitting the pavement has taken its toll on her knees; answer, Pilates!

Meghan is #fitnessInspiration

We love Meghan’s enthusiasm for exercise, and no matter the urge to resist a workout she always reminds herself there is no regret in working-out, only missing workouts!

What does Meghan love about Pilates?

Meghan claims that Pilates was a game changer for her body. The micro-movements in combination with the springs engages her muscles differently from other exercise systems. She also loves the focus on strength and flexibility and claims it changed her body immediately.

What are Some of the Other Benefits of Pilates?

Pilates will keep her body looking lean, strong, centered, flexible and balanced during this crazy wonderful life changing event.  The focus on the Pilates principles coupled with other workout system and a healthy diet will keep her in tip top shape.

But, its nice to know that Pilates, which was created to achieve balance in the body, is the perfect workout for this busy bride to be! Pilates will ensure her mind is connected to her body and capable of handling any physical stress coming her way.

We are thrilled for our girl!  Meghan Markle does Pilates, and that is why YOU should join us and jump on the reformer! Lets all workout alongside Meghan (in spirit) while she is getting ready for the biggest day of her life.

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