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Pilates for the Aging Body

“Your true age is defined by the flexibility of the spine.”  A true statement from Joseph Pilates, and just one of many reasons why Pilates is for the Aging Body!

Pilates for the Aging Body is the perfect exercise discipline to maintain a fresh, young, and agile look. The ability to move efficiently becomes harder as we age.  What if we told you it doesn’t have to be this way. Through the unique push pull system of the Springs Pilates promotes overall health and a strong mind and body connection.  It literally brings the body back to life!

It’s all about Balance for the Aging Body!

The Authentic Method of Pilates creates an environment for the client to thrive, leaving each lesson feeling good, and accomplished. Each lesson encourages strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, precision, and promotes a healthy mind and body connection.  When Instructors are working with clients they constantly assess the body’s ability to execute these Pilates principles.  And, the Gratz Equipment reinforces the body’s execution of movement from the core.

All of this is important because inadvertently, through exercise, Pilates keeps us young.  The Authentic Method engages the brain in such a way that promotes youth, and a better quality of life.

We love that our clients live more fulfilled lives because of the Authentic teachings of Pilates. Whether it be spending active time with their grandchildren, gardening, cooking, hiking, traveling, or living with less body aches and pain.  The exercise sequences of the mat and reformer workouts were designed to be lifestyle workouts and it shows; example our amazing client who started Pilates 7 years ago, view in this picture!

We are all aging body’s and we want to be on your YES team when it comes to working out!

Countless clients tell us they wish they started sooner.  Don’t wait another minute!  Sign-up today and get moving, and look how you are going to feel; amazing!

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