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Pilates Reformer

Looking for a total body workout?  The Pilates Reformer will literally reform and transform your body!

The Reformer is more then a great workout, it changes the way your body moves and looks. How clients use their body to manage the springs in response to the Reformer Bed are all parts to having a powerful exercise session! A solid foundation is how we advance clients to achieve the unique look of the Pilates Body!

Knowing Order, Springs, and Transitions:

In the Classical Method there are three tiers to the Pilates Reformer Order; basic, intermediate, and advanced.  Our training of an Authentic Method of Pilates is long, intense, and meant to create a teacher that will give clients a fully customized and comprehensive exercise program.  The workouts are customized around the guidelines that Joseph Pilates created. Clients should never be advanced too quickly, doing exercises before the body is ready can derail long term benefits and results!

How the Pilates Reformer eventually becomes a comprehensive workout?

Maximizing muscular development and flexibility from within the muscles are just a few reasons the Reformer is an amazing piece of equipment. The springs provide continuous resistance to the back, stomach, bottom, and hamstrings for awesome strength! And, as clients develop their mind and body connection they connect the exercises much faster making the workout cardiovascular and intense.

Pilates Takes the Side of Yes.

No matter personal goals, physical limitations, injuries, or athleticism  we want all clients doing the most advanced version of their Pilates workouts!  The Pilates Reformer should eventually demonstrate tempo, precision, coordination, concentration, and balance and that achieves the true strength and flexibility of the Powerhouse.

Pilates is the long game to feeling your best all the time and younger as you age! We work tirelessly to create an environment so our clients can thrive and find their perfect Pilates Body!

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