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What does the Pilates Scoop feel like?  It’s the best feeling in the world!

First, lets define what the Scoop is; pulling the stomach inward against the back muscles and lifting those muscles upward underneath the ribs.  Every exercise in Pilates starts from a scooped stomach; the abdomen is the control center and where the mind should always stay focused.

Scooping changes the way we approach exercise making us more effective movers, and it ultimately changes the way we look. Scooping activates the deepest layers of the abdomen protecting the body from injury.Pilates Scoop

The Pilates scoop can be a hard to grasp.  Most people use force when they workout, tightening the stomach and pushing it out. The opposite is true in Pilates.  We believe strength comes from the opposition of pulling the stomach in and up. When we think about pushing or pulling a heavy weight, whether it be a body part or something tangible, the feeling coming from the stomach should almost feel hollow.  When executing a exercise the focus should be on the different layers of the abdomen and how they can help to control the outcome of any particular exercise.  The goal is that the stomach becomes the driver to all movements.  Through oppositional movement comes the strengthening and lengthening of individual muscles fibers.

Not only does the Pilates scoop make us stronger, but it improves the postural muscles that keep the body upright and the spine healthy.  The goal is, the concept transfers into clients daily lives.  Clients progress with their instruction is impacted by the work done outside of the studio.

The unique feeling of scooping takes time for the body to truly understand and practice makes perfect. Once clients understand how to properly scoop and execute movement from a scooped stomach their is dramatic change in the body.

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