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Pilates Survey

We recently asked clients to fill-out a Pilates survey to see how we are doing at the studio. Overall it appears that we are doing well! Whew!! 

Based off of customer feedback, where could we improve?

Clients want to be pushed more and set regular goals to advance their practice of the authentic method of Pilates. This is amazing news! We too want to crush goals and have every client exercising at their most advanced level of Pilates.

So, how do we achieve that?   

The original Pilates, the Authentic method, is a complex exercise system that takes time to learn and understand. When applied correctly, it transforms the body and your fitness level! Getting back to basics with clients through education around equipment management and transitions is one of the many ways we plan to advance the studio. Other areas of focus will be creating studio themes that reinforce the order of basic, intermediate, and advanced exercises into memories. Then teaching clients how to advance these exercises for personal growth.

Privates vs. Group and Group vs. Private:

For clients taking mostly private lessons we encourage that you sporadically partake in group instruction.  Group instruction challenges one to apply and master the principles learned in privates. Those taking mostly group instruction will greatly benefit from monthly privates to hone skills, get questions answered, and curb bad habits being played out in the group lesson.

This is why we created the membership!

The membership is our way of having an economical advantage to engage clients in a variety of instruction types to maximize the physical results of Pilates. The $30.00 credit cuts the cost of a private, making it sometimes less expensive than the group or semi private lesson.

Try a different instructor… say what!?

Crazy we know! Having one instructor as your home base and who you take from the most, is great and recommended. However, rotating from different instructors allows a fresh set of eyes on your body, and sometimes the fresh perspective engages the body differently, and that is a good thing! All of our instructors come with the same certifications and background training; it’s their interpretation that is unique and could potentially be beneficial.

All these studio guidelines were designed to propel the body into a more advanced practice of Pilates.

Other ways we are planning to nurture our client’s Pilates survey request?  

  1. Goal Board
  2. Studio monthly themes
  3. Introducing a client folder
  4. By-monthly check-ins with instructors and management
  5. Quarterly all-Staff meetings *next one is Nov 8th*

WE HEAR YOU and take your critiques seriously.  It is our mission to deliver quality Pilates that manages the expectations and results of both our Staff and Pilates community.