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Client Appreciation

On these warm and sunny days our Pilates trainers can’t help but feel grateful, and have a case of client Appreciation!

In June of 2008 we opened our doors in a small space near old Bellevue. We had no idea, in 2013, we would upgrade to a beautiful 2500 square foot open space with views of Bellevue. Presently, we employee eight amazing Pilates trainers.

Being different is our success.  How our client appreciation has evolved.

When we opened our doors 9 years ago our mission was to create excitement.  Today, we have not only created excitement but thrive in an environment that manages expectations through loyalty. Our Pilates trainers teach exceptional Pilates that shows caring and gets results. Our front desk concierge manages the schedules of our clients while making sure they are paired with the right trainer.

As we grow we have evolved to be a studio that cares about instructor education.

To change bodies Pilates must be in our own body! Our Pilates trainers are required to participate in yearly continuing education, weekly Pilates workouts, regular staff meetings, and more.  Owning the best equipment, Gratz, and all of it, was important to us.  We are a studio that delivers a first class experience, in a first class facility.

Are you looking to change things up?

Summer is a great time to try new things, set goals, and make the most of your fitness routine.  Our instructors are up for the task, and would be honored to work with you!

All of our instructors are classically trained with over 1000 hours of apprenticeship working with first and second generation teacher trainers, called Pilates elders.  Seattle is lucky to have two world class training facilities that drawl the finest in Pilates trainers from all over the world. The instructors employed by NWP are knowledgeable, professional, and teach the type of Pilates that will change your body forever.  Tell us your goals, and physical desires? Our Pilates trainers can’t wait to meet you!  Contact Us HERE!

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