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Pilates and Weight Loss

Bring on the Summer with Pilates and Weight Loss.

Are you looking for a way to get into the best shape of your life?  Try Pilates! Celebrities, Athletes, Moms, and Professionals have turned to Pilates to take their fitness to the next level and meet body goals.

Let us tell you more about Pilates and Weight Loss:

Pilates builds muscle, which means, the body will naturally burn more calories each day at rest. Pilates develops the Powerhouse muscles of the back, core, and legs which will significantly increases metabolic output turning the body into a fat melting machine.Pilates and weight loss

Increased flexibility is developed through the push and pull from the springs, and this works the lymphatic system. Lymphatic drainage reduces cellulite, water retention, increases metabolism, and fights against the common cold.  Working the muscles against the springs plays each muscular fiber like an accordion sculpting the Pilates body; long and lean muscles. Flexibility promotes joint health and reduces the bodies risk to injury. The long game to living a healthier lifestyle.

Weight loss is one of the perks of a regular Pilates routine. How about improved posture and confidence as another reason to get on the reformer!  Standing tall and proud is beneficial for mental health as well as maintaining physical health. Having proper alignment in workouts and outside of the studio are beneficial to spinal health. Joseph Pilates claimed true age is determined by the flexibility and strength of the spine.Pilates and Weight Loss

Pilates exercise is meant to be performed in a controlled fashion. The Pilates discipline teaches the mind how to activate and control specific muscular movements for a desired look. As clients advance the practice of Pilates moves from one exercise to the next, like a dance.  Incorporating mental control and swift movements turns Pilates into a cardiovascular workout.  The tempo of Pilates puts the body in the fat burning zone, just another reason to do Pilates.

Pilates basically does it all in one hour. What are you doing for body sculpting?  Pilates and Weight Loss can help you meet your body goals.  Click HERE to sign up!

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