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Pregnancy and Staying Fit

Pregnancy and staying fit is not an easy task.  Having time to dedicate to your body is a luxury, and definitely, after children.

As Instructors it is our job to be in good physical shape, and live, by example, a healthy lifestyle. Most of the Instructors at Nancy Wallace Pilates have been pregnant, multiple times. Exercising while pregnant might seem like an attainable goal, but not every pregnancy is a walk in the park. The first trimester can be full of what seems like endless , not so great, life choices from cravings, fatigue, and more. Basically, staying out of hibernation can be a task on its own.  It is no wonder that women need support, and Pilates can help!

How Pilates keeps a Pregnant Mommy Fit

One of the principles in Pilates is Balance.  One of the first things you learn about Pilates, is, after each lesson you feel energized, pliable, and strong. This is important as you become less enthusiastic about working-out; feeling balanced and energized from Pilates can become the thing that keeps you going.

We always recommend at least two weekly appointments, but sometimes one weekly appointment is all your body can commit to, and that is okay. Each lesson is tailored to how the body is feeling for that appointment and consists of exercises that will nurture a growing belly and the days until you will give birth.

During this time we like to give extra attention to upper body strength and mobility, which, helps with the new and constant holding of a baby. Lower body endurance helps to support the extra weight and keeps the legs and bottom in good shape.  We also emphasize balancing exercises for the loss of center, and breathing to aid with pushing during the birth.

Pilates makes you feel strong, and this is what you want pre-baby, during pregnancy, and post pregnancy! Returning to Pilates is the fastest way to put your body back together. Getting your pre-baby body back is important to most women and we understand the need to see a flat tummy again.  We re-introduce the exercises in a manner that nurtures recovery for lasting results.

Always remember,  good things happen with time. It is important to always give back to your body and mind especially when you are nurturing everyone else around you!

Pregnancy and Staying Fit is possible and we would love to work with you and find a program that will get you long term results with your new amazing life! Contact us HERE!



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