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Ramp Up Pilates for the Holidays

Ramp up Pilates for the Holidays to maintain weight and a sculpted physique.

We love the Holidays! Celebrating togetherness with our clients, family, and showing gratitude fills the studio with joy! It can be challenging for clients maintaining regular and consistent workouts, and it is easy for Pilates to take a back seat during the bustling holiday season. We work hard to keep clients motivated, feeling strong and fit to curb the extra pounds often gained from holiday over indulging.

Did you know that 45 minutes of daily Pilates can counteract most of the effects from short-term overfeeding, and drinking.

Its true!  Pilates is a highly dynamic discipline that incorporates both resistance and cardiovascular training. When clients train on the Gratz Equipment the body flows from one exercise to the next, like a dance, but at a lower intensity. This more methodical way of exercising puts the body in the fat burning zone. The fat burning zone keeps you burning calories longer, and throughout the day due to the complex process of breaking down fat as it converts to energy.

Ramp Up Pilates this Holiday Season

Partying and temporary overfeeding doesn’t have to go straight to your waistline!

Pilates keeps the stomach looking flat.  In each lesson we emphasize scooping of the stomach; pulling the abdomen inward and up. Doing Pilates with a scooped stomach encourages a stronger stomach, better posture, and diminishes aches and pains throughout the body. Another benefit of working the deepest layers of the abdomen, all that extra muscle tightens and pulls your waistline inward!  This reinforces an overall more toned look especially if you’re not feeling your skinniest.

Fight water retention.

The consumption of salt, carbohydrates, and sugars cause bloating and water retention. The springs found on the Gratz Pilates equipment play the fascia like an accordion flushing the lymphatic system.  The springs also strengthen the muscle fibers elongating the body, so you don’t feel bulky or bloated in your best holiday dress.

Staying loose.

Holiday party’s mean a lot of standing and sitting which wreck havoc on the back and neck.  Doing a daily mat will increase flexibility in all direction of the body, especially out of the hips.  In the mat sequence or on the reformer the body works in opposition to maximize length of the muscle fibers and their flexibility.


Ramp up Pilates for the Holidays and start the New Year feeling tall, slim, lean, strong, and physically fit. Click HERE to find out more about your Pilates Body in the making!