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Returning to Naturally Built Soil

We know less about the 5 feet of soil beneath our feet then the deep blue oceans of our world. Anytime we look to mother nature and actually listen there is an opportunity. We have seen this happen in our Coral Reefs and returning the Gray Wolf to Yellowstone National Park. She has all the answers, and that is because evolution took its sweet-ass-time creating perfect ecosystems.

As a consumer we have a huge stake in driving the market. After speaking with farmers, I believe, they want to build soil health. They want to grow healthy food. It is a big job and they deserve to be championed by the consumer, to get this hard work done, because everyone benefits!

There are more living things in one teaspoon of soil than people living on earth. That is a wild amount of “things.” Since scientist are identifying new species all the time, it makes sense we have only scraped the surface to the power of soil health. The very thing that grows our food and feeds our bodies has been voided of this life. Global initiatives, like the Green Revolution, can take their place in history.  By looking to evolution, we can begin to heal.

Have you heard of the term grounding? When I was a becoming a Yoga instructor, my teacher trainer encouraged students to “ground.” It is standing on the soil barefoot to energize the body.  I do this, it works!  If my kids are acting crazy, I will distinctly tell them to go dig in the soil. Their energy immediately shifts. To assume that soil doesn’t heal or provide nutrients or share energy beyond what we know would be arrogant- my opinion.

As we are now learning about the complexities of soil and how roots communicate and share life with one another it is only natural that soil will help to restore balance for our environment. But, none of this will happen without consumer buy-in.  Consumers will have to pave the way for the fifth revolution.

Leaning into the consumer-farmer relationship gives small town America a chance to rebuild.  Leaning into the consumer-farmer relationship will give farmers the opportunity to feed their neighbors instead of harvesting for commodity crops.  Bringing animal agriculture out of feedlots and into the pastures will aid in the circle of life.  It is the biggest way consumers will ever advocate for animal welfare.

As a mom who knows her fellow mother. I believe we can drive this change through the passion in which we feed our families. Mothers are not arrogant.  We do what is right and necessary for our families. If anyone can take the ego out of agriculture and animal agriculture, it is us! It pays to eat regenerative.