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Scooping after Pregnancy

Scooping after pregnancy is difficult. Whether you are an exercise enthusiast or loath the gym any mom to be or mommy of multiples will benefit from finding their scoop!

During pregnancy the abdominal muscles stretch away from the center.  Post pregnancy re-establishing a connection to the stomach and pelvic floor takes time. If strengthening the core is not or done correctly could result in future complications.

So what is Scooping?

Pulling the abdominal muscles inward toward the spine and up.  Scooping is one of the first exercises taught in the authentic method of Pilates. From the scoop all movement is initiated and as clients advance with their Pilates routine so should the connection to the scoop.

For any woman this is critical for the pre and post baby body. All women are eager to get back into shape post pregnancy, but rarely do we think about how our bodies will actually feel after having a baby. The body goes through a tremendous amount of change in a short period of time, thinking the body can return to a pre-baby exercise routine is asking for trouble.

So, what do we suggest?

Ideally you would do Pilates pre-pregnancy to prime the post-baby body for recovery, and getting back into tip top shape. This is why Pilates is the ‘go to’ exercise for starlets like Jessica Alba, Sara Michelle Geller, Kate Hudson, and Madonna. Doing Pilates post baby and between pregnancies will maintain pre-baby form and most times Moms feel and look better!

We always recommend Pilates as the first line of defense for all things baby body.  If you want to get back to the gym full throttle do Pilates to help condition the body. If you want to just be strong and healthy for your baby you should do Pilates. If you are looking to have an awesome post-baby body then get on the reformer and do some authentic Pilates and be a #Fitmom with us!

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