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Selena Gomez Does Pilates

selena gomez does pilates She claims to hate eating her Greens but loves Pilates!  Selena Gomez does Pilates to stay in tip top shape.

The world has watched this young super star blossom into a women, and a talented one.  That is a lot of pressure.  Could you imagine being so young and under the constant scrutiny of the public? It’s a good thing Selena has found confidence building exercise, like Pilates, to transition her from a young lady into a savvy business woman, and one kick-butt performer.

Pilates is great for developing self esteem of all ages.  Not knowing yourself or feeling comfortable in ones skin can be troubling, especially young girls like Selena. Having a connection to how the body moves and feels can give a boost to ones confidence.

Pilates establishes a mind and body connection that is unique to other exercise systems.  Among the Pilates Principles of centering, concentration, control, precision, breath, and flow; clients work on posture, being tuned into the body, and what it is doing. All of this takes a great amount of brain power making Pilates not just physically challenging but also mentally stimulating.

A great deal of the work in Pilates are exercises that strengthen the posture muscles. Having good posture domino’s into higher self esteem, and we never see Selena walking around with slouchy shoulders. When we stand proud with our chest forward and up, back and stomach muscles engaged it sends a message of confidence.  Posture is constantly practiced in Pilates.  Selena is the perfect example of embodying a Pilates body and portraying Pilates self esteem.

While Selena Gomez does Pilates to tone her body; she is also working on balance, coordination, flexibility, and deep core strength that will keep her body healthy and resistant to injury.  Having control and being able to check-in with how the body is feeling is important to overall confidence.  We love seeing young woman like Selena taking control over their bodies look and how they want it to feel.

You Go Girl! 


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