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Shepherds Grain

Have you heard of commodity crops?  I didn’t really understand what they were until speaking with Shepherds Grain. In short, it is hard to know where your grains are coming from.

Grains in America are sent to the mill after being harvested, processed together and bagged. But, before flour is bagged, there is a good chance it was shipped overseas before landing on the shelves of your local grocery store.  Crazy, right!

Presently, Shepherds Grain is comprised of 38 farmers, all practicing regenerative agriculture. Growing grains from resilient, and nutrient dense soil yields a higher Kernel weight and sexier flour product.  Shepherds Grain is void of enrichments, and that is great news. When grains are grown in a thriving ecosystem of rich organic matter and biodiverse soils, who needs enrichments, not Shepherds Grain! One of my favorite parts, is, each bag of flour can be traced back to the farmer. Being able to trace the bag of flour back to the exact farmer, and not just to somewhere in my state. Shepherds Grain is leaning into the consumer-farmer relationship.

I am not a nutritionist but Grains are important for our overall health.  Whether the grains are used to bake our bread or bake our cookies it should be packed with soil rich nutrients.