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Soccer, Running and Pilates

Soccer, Running and Pilates are all fun sports but only one of them is used to nurture the body and mind. 
If you have ever done Pilates then you know what an amazing discipline it is. Pilates requires the mind to develop a relationship with the body.  Working against the constant resistance of the springs allows the physical self to constantly receive feedback. The feedback is used to adjust the exercises to meet the bodies changing needs.  At any appointment this can mean a number of things.  Sometimes the body signals that it needs more stretching, and at others it is craving more strengthening.  Being able to read the body and not overriding its needs is important to obtaining a heightened level of fitness.

When the body does a lot of repetitive movement like running it can create imbalances that later cause injuries. These injuries can make or break a persons ability to continue playing sports, like Soccer. Pilates focuses on key principles at every appointment.  These principles are coordination, balance, flexibility, breath, strength, flow, and precision. When clients are required to demonstrate the Pilates principles their level of self awareness is enhanced. The bodies increased self awareness allows is then able to perform better, adapt faster, and become increasingly more agile.

Cross training with the authentic method of Pilates will not only help to lengthen the muscles and strengthen the core but the body will work specifically to meet its physical needs.  It is always important to consider what a client is doing outside of the studio.  When our Runners or Soccer players arrive to their appointment we always include Pilates exercises that will re-establish a connection to core strength, balance and flexibility of the hips, and lengthening of the legs, and tendons.  We always want to include exercises that will aid in whatever the athlete is already doing that will promote health and longevity.  Avoiding injury is what Pilates is all about.  Creating a body that no matter the age performs like its younger counter part.


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