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Spring Forward with Pilates

Spring forward with Pilates and be Sunshine ready for the days of Summer.

Tom And Gisele

We often talk about Pilates and its endless benefits.  The most common thing we hear from clients, is, they wish they started sooner. Pilates sculpts the body in a way that is elegant and complementary to the female form; Men love how Pilates slims down the waistline and improves posture. This is why super models, like, Gisele Bunchen, and Quarter Back, Tom Brady do Pilates.

Did you know Pilates also makes us happier?

Doing Pilates regularly releases the hormone serotonin. Pilates will reduce stress and anxiety simultaneously calming the mind and energizing the body. The mind and body connection developed in Pilates encourages clients to get in touch with their physical selves.  Gaining access to how muscles fire and release giving control to the client and how their body will look and feel.  The springs from the equipment regularly detox the body’s lymphatic system. The unique exercise system of Pilates has been known to reverse nerve damage lost from accidents and help with diseases that affect the central nerve system like Multiple Scleroses.

Pilates meets the body as it arrives to the studio.

The Gratz equipment gives the body a complete workout at every appointment.  It also stretches the muscles and focuses on the core of the body, referred to as the Power house muscles; of the back, stomach, bottom and hamstrings. Might we add Pilates isn’t just for quarterbacks and super models, its a great complement to all body types of any size or level of fitness.

Are looking to start a new exercise program?

Spring forward with Pilates.  The best way to start a program is through a series of private lessons.  Joseph Pilates recommend 2- 3 weekly privates for best results, working-out on the equipment he engineered, Gratz.

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