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Spring into Spring

Are you ready to spring into springThe warmer weather is just around the corner and we could not be more excited to share some things that are happening at the studio!

Have you heard anything different lately at the studio? It’s called silence! Construction is over for the most part- YAHOO! Parking is much easier too! We want to thank you again for your patience and support over the last 6 months! 

You may have seen some new faces around the studio. We are excited this spring to have a few new (or newish) instructors be apart of our team!

  *Svetlana Perekhodova: Svetlana, a contortionist and original cast member of Teatro ZinZanni, believes in the Pilates method and loves to share her knowledge and experience with her clients.

*Jordan Colevard: Jordan has been a dancer her whole life and started using Pilates to cross train. She loves helping her clients connect to their bodies.

*Sachiko Glass:  Sachiko was a physical therapist for 34 years and has been teaching Pilates since 1996. She continues to study under master teachers in Seattle.


If you wish to schedule any sessions with any of our new instructors please email info@nancywallacepilates.com to get scheduled! 

Our March Madness Sale is now on through March 30th. New clients will receive 3 Privates for $210 (plus tax). It is a savings of $75! Have any friends or family that want to try Pilates? Now is a great time for them to try it out without the pressure of having to purchase a package!


Spring means change but also growth and renewal. It is an exciting time around the studio and we hope you can feel the great energy! If you would like to schedule email the link above or click HERE!