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Springs vs. Weights

Springs vs. Weights! We would like to take a moment and explain why we believe Gratz Springs give the superior workout.

The unique push and pull system of the Gratz Springs puts resistance on the muscle through the entire range of motion. When clients exercise on the reformer they learn to connect movements from one to the next, almost like a dance. The springs reinforce the activation of the entire muscle fiber and plays it like an accordion; in and out without stopping.  The result is a healthier, stronger, leaner, and more flexible muscle.

How is this different from free weights, or cable weights?

When exercising using weights you work with or against gravity, working only part of the muscle. When performing a bicep curl with a free weight the arm extends with gravity, and returns to the starting position working against the gravity. The resistance is never consistent and changes with the angle of the arm, and with the direction of the movement partially and inconsistently exercising the muscle.

The variable of gravity goes away when the Springs are introduced. This is because of the continuous action from the push and pull of the spring through the entire muscle, joint to joint. The Pilates discipline becomes a comprehensive exercise system strengthening each muscle fiber through the muscle all the way to the core! The Gratz Spring also demands a heightened mind and body connection to control the Pilates exercises with accuracy, achieving a desired physical result. In the end, Pilates creates lifelong results of health, strength, and beauty.

Other benefits of Springs vs. Weights:

Working the entire muscle vs. partial muscle helps to avoid bulk; the tearing of individual muscles fibers.  When muscle fibers tear they have to repair and in the process of repairing they become shorter (bigger), and possibly more prone to injury. If you are not pairing workouts with proper stretching this is how muscular tears can occur. The long lean and strong look of Pilates is a result of activating all the tiny muscles of our body in combination with the larger muscle groups using the Springs as the source of resistance. Exercise shouldn’t leave the body feeling stiff or with aches and pains.  Rather, the body should feel agile, healthy, look great, and free of aches and pains.

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