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Walk softly is the mantra at Timeless Natural Foods.  I love this choice of words, and heard it a lot when interviewing them. I think we could all take a lesson from the four founders of Montana based Timeless Natural foods.

Once-upon-a-time the four farmers had a vision to change the landscape of farming in their home state. Introducing Lentils as a rotational crop that fixes nitrogen into the ground, but can also be harvested as a cash crop. At the time, this was out-of-the-box thinking.

Crops need Nitrogen to grow.  There is approximately 32,000-35,000 tons of atmospheric nitrogen above every acre of land.  Using a rotating cover crop that extracts food from the atmosphere to feed the roots and microbes in the soil, seems like a no brainer. Unfortunately, that is not common practice. What often happens is, farmers harvest their crops, till the land, and leave the ground bare for roughly 14 months. The end result leads to a vicious cycle of soil destroying practices that require a redundant use of agrochemicals and fertilizers, like synthetic nitrogen, to feed the ground for the next crop and till. These bad practices ultimately kill the soils ability to support an ecosystem. Does that make sense to you?  Me, neither!

I think it is awesome these four farmers had the foresight to see there was a better way. Today, Timeless Natural Foods, is building a big community. They contract up to 55 farmers, and growing, with a full time Agronomist who is regularly rotating and surveying soil health. This gives the farmers the right support for their land.

The founders of Timeless Natural Foods understand and obviously see the long term value of their farmers having unlimited access to an Agronomist.  Also, I didn’t know that most Agronomist are sales guys working for fertilizer and pesticide companies.  This means, those Agronomist are there with an agenda, to sell a product, and not to support the farmer or soil health! That is crazy!!!

Timeless Natural Foods also pays their farmers above and beyond, and does not subject them to competitive market fluctuations.  The goal is to build top soil that is healthy, which ultimately will produce healthier food. The health benefits of building soil health is what they are studying right now.  Timeless Natural Foods believes the more microbiology, organic matter, phytochemicals, carbon, myocilin living in the soil, the better the foundation to growing foods with peak nutritional value.

Follow them on Instagram.  Meet the farmers in regular interviews.  Learn about how they are constantly updating their facilities to run sustainably. Become a part of their community with me!  Moms, this should be our goal: supporting a food network that wants to bring the healthiest foods into our kitchens.  The regenerative movement, to me, is leaning into the consumer/farmer relationship and bridging the gap for our environment.


XO Nancy  

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