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When Clients Turn into Pilates Teachers

When Clients Turn into Pilates Teachers! The Authentic approach to teaching Pilates has turned so many of our clients into Instructors.

It is thrilling when our clients take the dive to become Pilates Instructors. As an authentic Pilates studio, we feel honored and inspired. Presently, we have received news that one of our clients is starting her apprenticeship. After 250 hours of lessons at our studio she is ready to be handed over to Metropolitan Pilates Continuing Education.

Becoming an Authentic Pilates Instructor is a major commitment. Classical Pilates teachers are required to take many hours of lessons before entering into an apprenticeship. Apprentices will train upwards of 2 years under Pilates elders; first and second generation Pilates Teacher Trainers.
We are proud to say that our studio has turned a handful of clients into Instructors.  At our studio, we groom all clients from their first instruction. We feel it is important for clients to learn the principals of Pilates, the basic exercises, equipment management, and proper transitions which set clients up for long term success.  It is this approach that has turned so many of our clients into teachers. We love seeing our clients come full circle and work for our studio.
We do not mean to say we are a Pilates school. We are an authentic Pilates studio that values the teachings of its elders and Joseph Pilates. Our intention is to teach quality sessions in an environment that cares and manages expectations.  We make sure any client of ours who enters into ‘Continuing Education’ will have a strong sense of Pilates and how it applies to their body. Clients can then focus the teaching aspect of ‘Continuing Education’ and using the Pilates method to change others bodies.
We celebrate this achievement for our client and look forward to being a support system in this physical journey. Want to start Pilates?  Click HERE and find out how!

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