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Why You Should Honor thy Feet!

Simply, we would be hard pressed doing anything without feet. In this blog we talk about why you should honor thy feet!

Maintaining good foot health usually isn’t an issue until it is, or until the body starts feeling the affects of aging.  Keeping the feet in supportive shoes, and exercising them regularly for strength and flexibility will help curb aches and pains while encouraging a fit and healthy body.
Did you know that all the muscles from the hips down to your big toe are connected and communicating with one another?  This is why giving your feet proper exercise and attention will benefit the aging body.
From the first exercise, Authentic Pilates is your ultimate Foot workout!
One of the first exercises done in Pilates is on the reformer. The footwork on the reformer exercises the feet against the weight-bearing load of springs.  As the feet move from flexion to extension the springs encourage the muscles from the bottom of the foot up the leg and into the hips to exercise. The footwork on the reformer is a great exercise for establishing foot health, stabilization, and strength all the way into the core.
The footwork also sets up the entire workout.  As clients arrive to their appointment the body can feel a number of ways based on your day or how you slept the night before. The footwork on the reformer sets the tone for the rest of the hour creating a workout that is tailored to the mood of your body for a positive exercise experience.  That positive experience all starts in the muscle at the bottom of the feet. 
For some clients achieving balance in the body starts with the feet.  Other clients might not have any issues with their feet but still find their bodies benefiting from the footwork routine found on the reformer. Either way, Pilates is a win for the feet, your workouts, establishing a balanced exercise routine, and having a Pilates body!
Other wonderful foot exercises can be viewed in these two videos by clicking on the links here-> foot corrector and the toe exerciser by Gratz, or contact-us!