Private Instruction

The collection of exercises taught in Private Instruction encourages the use of the mind to control the body achieving lean muscles that are strong, a deep strength rooting from the core, and an overall polished looking physique.

All Private Instruction and Pilates classes incorporates the use of springs found on the Gratz Pilates equipment. The springs work the muscle from start to finish. As clients learn the transition from one exercise to the next the routine becomes cardiovascular. The springs concentration on individual muscle fibers makes them more pliable thus resistant to injury. Working on the equipment with the springs and on the mat restores health to the body. Our instructors are educated to work with most all injuries. We can ramp up Pilates routines for the most physically fit and we can nurture those who have never exercised before. After every Pilates class you will leave refreshed, energized, and balanced. Schedule Today!

In These Pilates Classes You Will Learn:

All 55-minute Pilates Private Instruction and Pilates classes are tailored to the individuals. All Pilates Instruction and Pilates classes at Nancy Wallace Pilates Bellevue teaches clients how to use opposition with movement to create true strength from the right muscle groups and flexibility starting from the joint. We teach clients how to apply the principles to their body and use these principles inside and outside of the studio. Here we do not practice exercise haphazardly, we connect the mind to every exercise to give back control over how the body feels and looks.

  • Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Reformer and Mat Exercises
  • Proper transitions and spring order, order of exercises
  • Advancement of flow when transitioning with every exercise
  • Learning how to correct “scoop” and deepen the “Scoop:” how the different abdominal layers control and help guide exercises and protect our internal structure
  • Using the Power-House with confidence, deepening the work learned and how concentration can change the end result of how we exercise
  • How the basic and intermediate exercises play off another and continuously advance in the body
  • The translation of every exercise for your body type
  • Develop a system of proper modifications
  • Deepening the Breath and its technique
  • The equipment and how to use it properly for your body
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