Semi-Private Pilates Instruction

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The advancement of Pilates is gradual. We prefer clients to add Semi-Private Instruction to their routine before advancing into Group Classes.  Semi-Private Instruction teaches the mind and body how to apply the different principles of strength, flexibly, breathe, concentration, coordination, balance, and precision; advancing into Semi-Private instruction is applying these principles more independently with one other client under the watchful eye of our Authentically trained instructors.

Clients also develop a better understanding of the equipment and begin recalling the order from the beginner, intermediate, and advanced Pilates exercise sequences.  We encourage clients to continue taking Private classes even after advancing into Semi-Private Instruction and Group Pilates Classes. This helps clients curb the development of bad habits and it is a great time to have questions answered or address any physical needs.

What do you do if you are starting Pilates but have the goal of advancing into Semi-Private Instruction and Group Pilates Classes immediately?

Whether you are doing Pilates with a friend or starting alone let our management and instructors work to create a program that will condition your body and train your mind to advance appropriately for your body.  We pair clients into Pilates Semi-Private Instruction and Group Pilates Classes according to skill level, body type, age, and gender for the safest and most progressive workouts.  Clients do not need to worry about being pushed into a Semi Private or Group Instruction that is too advanced or not advanced enough, we are always adapting the schedule to meet the needs of our clients physical, mental, and scheduling demands.

If you and another person are interested in starting together contact our management to help coordinate your first instruction.  We are okay allowing clients wanting to start in groups of two, three, and four. Most be able to commit to the group and weekly appointments.

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Semi Private Instruction taught at Nancy Wallace Pilates Bellevue

In These Pilates Classes You will Learn:

You’ll be challenged to apply principles individually, remember the different exercises, and transition into the exercises. You will also better understand how to work the Gratz Equipment and begin to see your body evolve into a Pilates Body.

  • Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Reformer and Mat Exercises
  • Proper transitions and spring order, order of exercises
  • Advancement of flow when transitioning with every exercise
  • How to correct “Scoop” and deepen the “Scoop.”
  • How the different abdominal layers control and help guide exercises and protect our internal structure
  • About using the Power-House with confidence, deepening the work learned
  • How concentration can change the end result of how we exercise
  • How the basic and intermediate exercises play off another and continuously advance in the body
  • The translation of every exercise for your body type
  • To develop a system of proper modifications
  • The technique of Deepening the Breath
  • The equipment and how to use it properly for your body