Original Pilates Teacher Training Program

At Nancy Wallace Pilates ~ Bellevue, Washington

The Original Pilates Teacher Training Program (OPTTP) at Nancy Wallace Pilates (NWP) in Bellevue, Washington was designed and created by Jennifer “Jenna” Ferguson. Jenna has been teaching Pilates for 16 years. She taught in the capacity of a Level IV Teacher Trainer for Romana’s Pilates at Pilates Seattle International, Pilates in Paradise in the Florida Keys, and at Romana’s Pilates World Headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


Jenna came to Pilates after a professional ballet career, performing in New York City and other cities around the globe. Having started this career in high school, she’s been teaching movement for nearly four decades. Jenna received Pilates Teacher certification from Metropolitan Pilates in Seattle as well as Romana’s Pilates in the same year, 2004. Jenna has assisted Pilates Teachers in training to achieve certification goals, as well as taught, coached and choreographed pre-professional ballet and contemporary dance students, ages 3 to young adult and adults. Her experience teaching Pilates has included professional athletes, people rehabilitating from injuries, marathon runners, persons with severe scoliosis, wheelchair bound students, and the elderly.


Jennifer created the Original Pilates Teacher Training Program, offered at Nancy Wallace Pilates where some of the best classically trained Pilates teachers in the Seattle area teach. Nancy Wallace, NWP owner wanted a classical Pilates bridge training program for contemporary trained Pilates teachers, and Barre, Yoga, Gyrotonic, and similar exercise teachers who want to learn the original (or “Classical”) Pilates method of exercise) system as Joseph Pilates intended Pilates to be taught and practiced. Students in the OPTTP at NWP will be treated as knowledgeable teachers and adults, with the understanding that each individual is an experienced exercise and movement teacher.

The OPTTP training will involve the following:

  • three seminars which includes Fundamentals, Intermediate, and Advanced systems
  • once weekly teacher trainee meetings
  • a minimum of two lessons per week at NWP (at least one per week with Jenna)
  • weekly observation hours, 10-hours minimum per week and at least 6 of those hours when Jenna is in the studio.

OPTTP students will be expected to complete 450 to 600 hours of training at NWP. The number of hours is dependent upon each student’s teaching experience (such as number of years teaching, number of hours taught per week, and whether continuing education training has been kept up to date, etc.), understanding of the Pilates method, and passing of exams. The program is designed to be completed in a minimum of 9 months and a maximum of 18 months.

The OPTTP goal is to give each Teacher Trainee as much individual attention as possible. Classes will be kept small with a maximum of 6 trainees per class. Two classes will be scheduled per year.


Admittance into the OPTTP is through assessment with an OPTTP approved Teacher Trainer, at this time Jenna Ferguson. It will include a lesson and an interview. This process takes 1.5 to 2 hours. At that time of assessment, if the perspective student needs further training in the classical Pilates system before entering the program, it will be discussed during the interview, and together the OPTTP Teacher Trainer and perspective student will decide the number of lessons needed. Upon acceptance into the Program, a 10% or $300 nonrefundable administration fee is due. This fee will go towards the applicant’s training . Once accepted each trainee will be asked to sign a contract agreement regarding fee schedule, training expectations, and code of conduct. The balance, $3700, of the entire program fee is due no later than 6 weeks prior to the start date of the first, Fundamentals, seminar.


Seminars will be held during the weekends on a Saturday and Sunday. The Advanced level may include Friday, as there is substantial information to cover. Each seminar will cover reformer, mat, and peripheral apparatus exercises for the level taught for each particular seminar – Fundamentals, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Cost Structure:

  • assessment fee of $100 will be charged
  • Program fee of $4,000
  • Cost of Pilates Instruction of Private, Semi Private, Group and Mat or online classes based off the current price structure offered by the studio.

If a payment schedule is needed, it must be agreed upon prior to starting the OPTT Program and a 5% administration fee will be added to each installment payment. Cost of the program includes seminars, weekly teacher trainee meetings, observation hours, and exams. Lessons at Nancy Wallace Pilates are not included in this tuition. Yet OPTTP trainees will receive NWP membership prices without paying any additional membership fees. If a student has to retake an exam, a fee will be charged for the OPTTP teacher trainer’s time and administration of the test. Retake fees are $100.00 Fundamentals, $125.00 Intermediate, $150.00 Advanced. The difference in these fees is due to the amount of time to administer and grade each exam.

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