The Benefits

For New Mothers:

The muscles tore during pregnancy and the loss of Mind-Body Connection (in the abdominal region) is hard to get back, but it doesn’t have to be this way forever. We give Moms the tools to bring the stomach muscles back to their original position and sometimes – with surprise and great pleasure – our moms end up feeling and looking better than before those pregnancy days! Amazing right? The best way to bring back that pre-baby body is through our Pilates classes. We can customize to your specific needs and fitness level and we promise your abs will thank you.


Enhanced Performance for Men:

When our guys show up to their Pilates Classes they mean BUSINESS. They take their game seriously and want to ensure that practicing Pilates will help them become resistant to injury and improve overall flexibility and core strength. They’re also looking for somewhere they trust and confident instructors who will facilitate a workout that will cross train and guarantee peak performance.

So, Men, listen up! Your true age is determined by the flexibility and strength of your Spine. The healthier the Spine, the better you feel. We remind clients (women included) always that moving the body with child-like flexibility should not be limited to being young but is important for everyone, especially you!

Never miss a beat. Stretching the Hips, Hip-Flexors, Hamstrings, and Quads is important! We don’t want our athletes, young studs, dads, and weekend fitness warriors feeling heavy or sluggish. Cross-training/strengthening and stretching will happen against the resistance of Springs. This technique strengthens the muscle fibers – never tearing them – creating a lengthened, pliable, injury resistant body. We are very proud of our dedicated male clients and we encourage you, or the men in your life, to come to one of our Pilates Classes!


Better Sex with Pilates:

Looking to heighten control of the Pelvic Region? We can help tune you into a Pilates secret teaching you how to master this Taboo Weapon. How this is different from Kegel exercises? Stopping the flow of urine is great but it takes a lot of concentration and its only clenching the outside walls of the vagina; when it comes down to the act of sex, it’s useless. What we’re talking about in our Pilates Classes is controlling the inner and upper walls of the vagina during their contraction and gaining the ability to relax these same muscles when signaled. This will (1) allow you to have orgasms, (2) let you determine how intense or when “it” happens (3) put the zest back into sex after kids!

Here are some other reasons to focus on this deeper understanding of “Scooping;” to rid the body of the pooch living under your belly button, cut labor time/s in half, make re-strengthening this area after children and/or surgery, and if you have any nerve damage or loss of control this connection will turn sensations back on! Bonus: even if you don’t focus on this Pilates Weapon during the Lesson you might find Sex is better anyway!! Win, Win


Physical Therapy and Pilates:

 Be careful when choosing a Pilates Studio to help rehab injuries. Finding an institution where the staff works as a team for all clients with a comprehensive background in the Pilates discipline is the key to a supportive and progressive environment. Becoming a Nancy Wallace Pilates instructor is not easy, all our practitioners are certified with the highest standards to the industry and no one graduates without being able to modify all exercises to a specific injury, limitation, etc. Our goal is to ultimately have all clients Pilates strong for the rest of their lives. That is why we work closely with Doctors to ensure success. We are referred constantly by Physical therapist, Chiropractors, Orthopedic surgeons, and more because they know that their clients will be cared for at our facility.